The Ten Paramis

In the Theravada tradition of Buddhism, the ten Paramis are qualities of the heart and mind that are cultivated in order to reach liberation and compassion for oneself and others, as well as compassion. In Asian Buddhist countries many lay people cultivate the Paramis first and teach these to their children before ever beginning to learn meditation. The Paramis are much simpler to cultivate, rewards are almost instant and thus reinforcing to those who spend time practicing them and also very fulfilling to observe the transformation in their own children into spiritually mature beings.

    1. Dana / Generosity
    2. Sila / Virtue; Morality
    3. Nekkhamma / Renunciation
    4. Panna /Wisdom
    5. Viriya / Energy, strength, effort
    6. Khanti / Patience
    7. Sacca / Truthfulness
    8. Aditthana / Determination / Resolution
    9. Metta / Loving kindness
    10. Upekkha / Equanimity

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